My name is Alba and I have been a mother for the past two years. Olivia fills me with joy and inspiration every day.

I am very passionate about crafts. I like to think it´s built into my DNA. I grew watching my grandmother make baskets to carry firewood, soap bar to wash clothes, bake delicious bread and cheese. I was brought up in a rural environment, where the countryside and craftsmanship go hand in hand.

During the last few years we have lived in London, Madrid, Tulum, Samana, Lisbon, Donosti and are currently living in Mallorca. I like to think we are nomads. We spent Olivia´s first year living in Tulum, Mexico where I had the opportunity to learn about the traditional textile industry of the region and meet the wonderful women who keep it alive with their efforts and hard work. It was at that moment when my dream of Kimaya was born.

Motherhood has made me rethink about my everyday use of materials and the impact I have on the planet. The responsibility of wanting to set a good example led us to change many things at home including our consumer habits. Now we consume less and better. How things are sourced and manufactured is of great importance to us.

With this in mind, with the handcrafting tradition and the sustainability reference, Kimaya was born. We believe in the importance of organic and responsible parenting. Let´s teach our children to be kind, conscientious humans and value the world that surrounds them. 


Kimaya, the art of raising kind humans. 

The brand celebrates the magic of being surrounded by simple things, made with love and respect for people and nature. We collaborate with small business around the world maximising the value of natural materials.

We love what we do and hope you do too.