Most of us aware of the disastrous effects of plastic straws in our oceans and how they are jeopardising marine life.


They are small, indestructible and incredibly difficult to recycle.

With our pack of six 14 cm bamboo , specially designed for children, we hope to convey the importance of reusing and reducing in order to live a more responsible life.

They are dispached in a GOTS Certified cotton bag made by women at risk of social exclusion.


Our Pack includes:

  • Six 100% natural bamboo straws of various widths. Perfect for your child to enjoy water, juice, purée, soup...
  • 1 Stainless steel cleaning brush.
  • 1 portable bag to carry these bamboo straws with you averywhere in your handbag.

Bamboo Straws

  • Ethically and traditionally made in Bali, in micro family businesses led by women from the island in order to support the distribution of wealth among the local community. Women are the backbone of Balinese society and, in most cases, they are the main breadwinners; their their homes and entire community depends on them.