This set makes the perfect gift.

Its original design and the cut of the wood makes each piece different and unique. The bowl complements the plate perfectly and sits comfortably into a notch on the plate to add stability. Its ideal for both liquids and snacks.

With this dish we aim to raise awareness of the Iberian Lynx, an endangered species that needs protecting. Dining with this dishware will encourage children to learn and discuss the importance of caring for animals.

The Lynx is a medium sized feline which is native to the Iberian Peninsula (Spain & Portugal). Its most distinctive features are its triangular ears with fur on the tip, its small mane around its cheeks and neck and its spotty fur. It can leap to 5 m which makes this animal´s hunting technique very distinct.

Its survival is threatened by numerous drastic changes to their habitat. In the 50s, the population of tits main source of food - European Rabbits- plummeted due to several viruses. As a consequence the Iberian Lynx population declined. Their numbers are affected by poaching, wild fires and loss of habitat due to urban development. There are just over 500 Iberian Lynxes thought to exist today. It is crucial that we protect them.


Measurements: 18x18 cm circumference within.

Dispatched in a certified organic cotton bag.

Wooden Plate & Bowl Set - Iberian Lynx

  • Born in Berres (Galicia), Atalanta Madera is Isabel's workshop. She is the only woman in Galicia to earn her living from woodworking. Her workshop has more than 100 years of history. Her pieces can be found in some of the best Michelin star restaurants as well as museum gift shops including the Tate Modern in London.